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Katrina Delores Collins Scholastic Achievement Association

KDC Scholars is an organization that is here in order to revolutionize the way our youth learn and to provide scholarship opportunities for those scholars who qualify.  Most are taught a rigid structure of growth where you have to follow certain steps to reach a certain place. Well — we are here to tell you that there are other options out there and we have designed a curriculum to change the way you think and to propel you to that desired position.  We hope all that come through this program will achieve success in their future endeavors and will try — with all their might — to reach the goals that they set for themselves. We hope the goals you set for yourself beyond what you thought was possible because it is possible. Most importantly, we hope we are able to help you reach those goals as well.


Happy learning,



Aren Collins

Three Pillars Of Success & Betterment


Rosa Parks is notably known for taking a stance and not moving from out her seat. She is one of the strongest and courageous figures known today.


Marva Collins symbolizes creativity marvelously as being an educator who created various methods of teaching. Her instrumental teachings still live on today.


Frederick Douglass represents curiosity as he struggled against all odds and taught himself. Despite restrictions, his curiosity peaked above everything.

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