The Story Behind It All

A Story of One Person Impacting Many

Katrina’s family and friends established the Katrina Delores Collins Scholastic Achievement Foundation (“KDC Scholars Foundation”) to honor Katrina’s memory as well as her infectious zeal for life. To this end, KDC Scholars Foundation is intended to seek, through its mission and purpose, increased academic achievement and involvement by engaging and supporting underserved, minority and disabled students.

Katrina was a scholar and a humanitarian. Katrina’s goals were to retire early and to seek an encore career in academics — “paying it forward”. Katrina’s life of perseverance was committed to giving back. KDC Scholars Foundation, in turn, supports the following in honor of Katrina’s legacy:

  • Katrina championed the underrepresented throughout her life as she knew the challenges and opportunities of working hard to finance a collegiate education. Katrina declined an invitation to pursue an on academic career at West Point Academy. Instead, she chose an institutional path which honored her maternal grandmother. However, a path which required sacrifices including working full time to finance her collegiate career. Katrina successfully, with honors, earned a Bachelors in Science and a Masters in Business Administration from Southern Illinois University.
  • Katrina passionately supported children with disabilities throughout her career as it was a cause near and dear to her. Katrina was diagnosed with scoliosis, a spinal disorder, as a child. Despite wearing a Milwaukee Brace for most of her childhood, she managed to maintain the “clean-up” position as well as dominate the pitcher’s mound every game. Katrina was a loyal supporter and friend of the Special Olympics remarkable athletes.
  • As a triple minority, Katrina understood and appreciated the challenges and opportunities of navigating corporate culture as a minority professional. Katrina devoted her full professional career to State Farm Insurance Corporation. Katrina successfully completed nearly 30 years of service with State Farm’s national catastrophe division assisting and supporting families to rebuild their lives following catastrophic events and circumstances.

To these ends, KDC Scholars Foundation is delighted to give preference in the use of its funding and support for its underserved, minority or disabled students and scholars.

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